Metro Dubai

Tickets for the Dubai Metro

can be purchased from ticket vending machines in all Metro stations. There are two types of tickets to choose from:

One option is a single fare ticket, which is valid for one trip only. Tickets can be purchased simply from the machines by selecting the desired fare, paying for the card and then inserting it into the metro at the entrance barrier.

The other option is the “Nol Card” which can be used to use public transportation in Dubai, including the metro, buses and water buses. There are different plans to choose from, including a day pass or a monthly pass, depending on the needs of the passengers.

Dubai Metroline

Dubai’s metro system consists of two main lines – the Red Line and the Green Line. The Red Line stretches from Rashidiya in the north to the UAE Exchange in the south and covers a distance of about 52 kilometers. It has 29 stations, 20 of which are elevated and 9 underground. The line also connects Dubai’s international airport with the city center.

The Green Line, on the other hand, covers a distance of about 23 kilometers and 20 stations. It runs from Etisalat in the north to Dubai Creek in the south and crosses the Red Line at two stations – Union Square and BurJuman. The Green Line also passes through some of the city’s main business and commercial districts.

Metro operating hours

Both lines operate Saturday through Sunday, starting early in the morning and running until midnight. In detail, it looks like this:

Monday to Thursday: 05:00 to 24:00
Friday: 05:00 o’clock to 01:00 o’clock (Saturday)
Saturday: 05:00 o’clock to 24:00 o’clock
Sunday: 08:00 o’clock to 24:00 o’clock

At popular times, the metro runs every 4 minutes; outside of “peak” times, every 7 minutes.

A highly recommended means of transportation in Dubai is the metro. It will get you to your favorite destination in the city quickly, reliably, cheaply and with air conditioning.

Which lines are there in Dubai? How do I find my way? And where can I buy tickets for the metro?

We will give you the necessary tips and recommendations to make your stay in Dubai a real experience.

Metro Dubai Tickets

Explanation Nol Card

The Nol Card is a reloadable smart card used for public transportation in Dubai. It can be used for the metro, buses, streetcars and ferries in Dubai.

The card can be purchased as either a “Silver Card” or “Gold Card”.

The “Silver Card” is a standard card that can be used for all public transportation, while the “Gold Card” offers access to various VIP lounges, exclusive discounts and special parking spaces in addition to the standard features.

The Nol Card allows users to easily and conveniently travel around the city without having to buy a ticket every time.

The card can be purchased or topped up at special machines located in most metro stations and bus terminals. In addition, users can also register the card online and load it with credit via the mobile app.

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