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Dubai beste Reisezeit

When is the best time to travel to Dubai?

What temperatures can I expect and is there snow in Dubai?

Welcome to Dubai

So many reasons to travel to Dubai.

At least the Emirate is on the 4th position of the most visited cities in the world.

Old and modern so close to each other.

Besid the highest buildings on earth You find also small streets and old houses.

Ideas for Dubai

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Dubai, there are also places of rest and relaxation that make the trip an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a retreat to unwind, Dubai has a variety of options.

How about starting the day with a special experience- full moon yoga at Talise Spa. Under the brilliant full moon sky, you’ll find the ultimate serenity. This unique yoga experience combines the calming forces of nature with a relaxing yoga session. The Talise Spa provides the perfect backdrop to renew your body and mind.

For those craving a holistic relaxation experience, don’t miss the hammam experience at One&Only Royal Mirage. The soothing effects of the warm water and the gentle touch of the therapists make all stress and tension vanish into thin air. It’s a journey into the world of the senses that will leave you completely refreshed and relaxed.


Culture in the Emirate

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Dubai and discover the fascinating facets of this diverse city. An absolute highlight is a visit to Dubai Opera, an architectural masterpiece that is not only a landmark of the city, but also a stage for world-class performances of music, theater and dance.

For music lovers, a concert visit to the impressive Coca-Cola Arena is a must. This premier venue has welcomed many international stars and world-class acts to its stage. Here you will experience the magic of live music.

For a glimpse of the original Dubai, be sure to explore the city’s historic neighborhoods as well. In the original neighborhoods of Dubai, such as the Bastakiya district and Al Fahidi, you can admire the traditional architecture, narrow streets, soukhs and historic wind towers.

Dubai for families

The Emirates are not only known for their extravagant luxury world, but are also perfect destinations for families with children.

A must for adventure seekers is the breathtaking Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi. Here, children can immerse themselves in the exciting world of the legendary Italian car brand. From fast-paced roller coasters to interactive attractions, there is something for every age group to experience here. A day at Ferrari World will delight not only children, but parents as well.

A refreshing change is offered by the Aquaventure water park. It is an oasis of cooling and thrills in the desert. Here, kids can whiz down water slides, glide through lazy rivers and have fun in one of the largest water play areas in the world. A day at Aquaventure will be an unforgettable aquatic experience for the whole family.

Nature in Dubai

Away from the glitzy metropolises, your clients have the opportunity to discover the unique nature that characterizes this fascinating country. Paddle through the mysterious mangroves in Abu Dhabi and Ajman, where you can experience the unspoiled beauty of the coastal landscape firsthand.

Abu Dhabi is also home to an impressive selection of nature reserves. These protected areas are true treasures of nature and offer the opportunity to observe native wildlife in its natural habitat as well as admire the impressive desert landscape.

For a completely different setting, the mountainous landscape of Hatta offers breathtaking views and outdoor adventures that can’t be found anywhere else.

A desert adventure in the Emirates is an unforgettable experience. A bike ride along the Al Qudra Cycle Track allows your clients to explore the majestic beauty of the desert landscape in a unique way. They will cross the desert on well-maintained trails and enjoy spectacular views while experiencing the tranquil atmosphere and silence of the desert.

And those looking for pure beach enjoyment should definitely visit Saadiyat Island. This natural beach paradise is a true jewel of the Emirates, where you can experience crystal clear waters and pristine coastlines.